Thursday, July 31, 2008

it never rains but it pours!

So last night Pip was taking Lily-Anna up to bed when she discovered water pouring through our bedroom ceiling, down the light fitting, and onto our bed. We think it had been doing it for about half an hour before we realised.
The ensuite bathroom is located directly above and the water was coming from there.
I turned the water off at the mains and turned all the tapos on to drain the system but it was still pouring out.We called out for an emergency plumber who turned up 30 mins later. It was a good deal, we were told, because there was no call out fee. They only charged an hourly rate of £119 per hour!!
The plumber told us it was a simple job and could be done within the hour. It ended up almost going into a third hour by the time he finished! So after VAT that came to almost £300 which I thought I could claim back from the insurers but now it turns out I can't.

Anyway it turns out that it all happened because we've had really hot weather and the plastic brackets that hold the concealed cistern in place had warped and the cistern came loose and emptied itself through our bedroom ceiling.

The original plumbers that fitted it should have used brass fittings but took a shortcut and used plastic instead. Thanks guys. It'll be weeks before we're able to use that room again. Life's good ain't it?!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Funeral today

My dad's funeral is today. If you're the praying kind your prayers for
our family are appreciated.

Monday, July 14, 2008

theology: starting big

I have been reflecting recently on how we go about making our theologies.
It seems to me that a lot of our theologising starts from the micro and works towards the macro. We start with ourselves at the centre, and with various notions about personal sin and personal righteousness and then we try to work outwards towards an understanding of God from there. Of course this is quite subtle - we would never deny that God is creator as well as redeemer and that theology done properly always starts with God at the centre. But though we say those kinds of things I think we're still very egocentric when it comes to our theologising. We have an over inflated sense of our own importance in the grand scheme of things.

What if we did our theology from the macro rather than the micro? God is creator, this is God's creation, God has a plan for its renewal and all things are being caught up in this huge movement of the Spirit. It's not primarily about human sinfulness! We can so easily spend so much time picking over the bones of personal moral/ethical choices (and the Anglican communion is doing a lot of this at the moment) or the minutiae of church life that we forget to lift up our eyes to the hills and see the big picture of who God is and what God is doing.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Just posting this via e mail whilst on holiday in Devon to say how
pleased I am about the vote at General Synod yesterday about women

I think its self evident that any structural provision for
traditionalists would have institutionalised discrimination. As one
letter in The Guardian put it - you only need to substitute the word
'black' for the word 'women' to see how offensive some of the
proposals were.

Friday, July 04, 2008


We're off to Devon for a week thanks to the very generous gift of a
week in our friend's holiday home.

According to the forecast we have five straight days of solid rain to
look forward to! There's a surprise!