Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm NOT going to be a History Maker in this Land

So last night was Delirious's last gig. I know a few people who went to it and I seem to have wound someone up on facebook by suggesting the song 'History Maker' epitomises, for me, much that is wrong with popular charismatic-evangelical spirituality and theology. And that's because, in short, it doesn't seem to deal with the ego.

When you stop to think about it, to say "I'm going to be a history maker in this land" is incredibly egotistical. The fact is that almost all of us aren't going to be history makers (at least not in the sense that I think most people would understand that phrase).

But our egos would love us to stand out from the crowd - to be someone important - someone that really mattered - someone that history will remember.

That's what I object to in this song.

Charismatic-evangelical theology/spirituality seems to leave the ego unchecked. It suggests that as long as we say we're doing these things for God (and of course that's what everyone DOES say) then our ego's can just find a new way to express themselves.

So - didn't mean to spoil anyone's moment last night at the gig (and years ago I went saw Delirious play plenty of times) but felt this was worth saying.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

John O Donahue joins my Jedi Council

I guess we all probably have wise guides we look to, people who help
us to shape our spiritual lives, sages who articulate things we
intuitively feel we already know but haven't been able to put into

I lovingly refer to these people as my Jedi Council. They are people
like Richard Rohr, Brian McLaren, Wendell Berry, Eugene Peterson,
Ronald Rolheiser, Bede Griffiths. (looks like I need to add some women!)

John O Donahue is now joining my Jedi Council. I'm a bit late to the
party on this one. I did hear him speak at Greenbelt 3 years ago (I
think it was) but haven't read him until recently.

Pippa gave me 'Benedictus', his wonderful book of blessings, when
Samuel was born, and I recently blew the dust off 'Anam Cara' which
has been sitting on my shelf for years. It is beautiful, beautiful
spiritual writing of the highest quality.

I think I'll have to download some of his talks from the Greenbelt
site. In this season of the church year when we especially remember
the communion of the saints, Mr O Donahue thankyou for your wisdom and
for all you embodied.