Wednesday, March 23, 2005

hotel Rwanda

Pip and I went to see this last night. it is truly an astonishing film and if you haven't seen it yet i really recommend that you do so. it beggars belief how people can inflict so much suffering on one another. and in the case of Rwanda it beggars belief how the rest of the world can just turn a blind eye to the suffering and genocide of a million people. the US and the UK were actually lobbying for the withdrawal of the few UN Peacekeepers that were actually even there.
as with Schindler's List there is a power in telling the story through one man which makes it so much more personal and so much more easy to relate to. watching the film made me even more keenly aware of what a responsibility the church has to seek the kingdom of God in the world and to be on the frontline of political campaigning and lobbying as well as direct relief efforts. cos this stuff is going on all the time....Darfur is being called 'Rwanda in slow motion' for example.
as part of our mission efforts in hOME we are hoping to see mission hUBS being involved in these sorts of issues, through things like letter writing etc. it's just a small contribution but hopefully it can still make a difference.

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Naomi said...

I'll second that... it has to be one of the most powerful films i've seen in a long time, partially because it's a true story - i saw it two weeks ago, and I'm still mulling over the implications... not least the undeniable wickedness of humanity when really stirred up and also the ingenuity of goodness in the face of it... and the inevitable question would i? could i be like that man or would i just give up?

it also made me realise how racist i am... it's so easy to see people of a different colour/culture from you, as fundamentally different altogether, and therefore distance yourself from them... i caught myself doing that once in a while, especially at the beginning...

I would love hOME as a community to see it and discuss how we are gonna respond to the issues it raises...