Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Monastery

a new series started on BBC2 on Tuesday evening called 'The Monastery'. The idea being that 5 men from a variety of backgrounds enter Worth Abbey near Crawley for 40 days to try to find some meaning for their lives. It's a 3 part series following their experiences. i missed this week's episode as i was away at a conference but a friend taped it so i'll be watching it soon. it looks fascinating and it makes me wonder whether those of us exploring a re-contextualized monasticism are perhaps tapping into something that has an appeal in the culture. when we began to plant hOME 2 years ago i talked a lot about us not planting a church but planting a monastery. it's a big vision, and as with all of these things, it takes longer than you think. but we have made a decent start - focusing on the building of community and living by a rule-of-life. and it seems like there is a recovery of the radical missional side of monasticism that was certainly present in celtic monasticism as practiced in these islands (now the UK). surely the fact that so many groups and churches around the world have begun to re-explore the monastic tradition is a sign that the Spirit is doing something.

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