Monday, June 19, 2006

US Anglicans elect first woman Presiding Bishop

So the General Convention of ECUSA (or just 'The Episcopal Church' as it's now called which sounds a bit like they've forgotten about the rest of the world - not something Americans are often accused of ;-)) have gone and elected a woman as Presiding Bishop for the first time - Katherine Jefferts Schori, formerly Bishop of Nevada.
Not being someone who opposes women becoming Bishops (looking forward to the day it happens here) I don't have any problems with it per se. It's definitely going to stoke some people's fires though and it's quite amusing that just when the conservatives thought the fight was on another front (i.e. the gay thing) the focus has shifted to another contentious area.
are there any American readers of this blog who have an inside word for us on this one? is she cool?

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Kyle said...

Baby, the conservatives are already goin' nuts. Happily, their leadership is a bit more level-headed.

Just from looking around, it appears that Schori sits pretty far on the left in terms of ECUSA (TEC?)'s polity and sexual ethics. They apparently aren't liking her ... minimalist... approach to the Windsor Report.

Oh, well.