Thursday, July 06, 2006

RSS Comments

does anyone know a way of creating RSS feeds for comments on Blogger (or other formats for that matter)? It would be great to be able to track conversations happening in comments through my newsreader rather than visiting the different blogs directly.


Daniel said...

Wordpress has this built in, both that the self-installed version and to the hosted version.

Ben said...

CoComent does just what you're asking. You just need to sign up and then download a bookmarklet or an extension (for firefox) from their homepage. Once set up you can save, and tag all comments made on compatible blogs.

There's a feed for all your comments or one that includes other people's replies as well. You can also integrate you're conversations into a blog sidebar.

It works well with most blogs, Wordpress and Typepad are fine. It works with blogger comments only if you swith the pop-up setting off.

Hope that's useful, I've only just started using it but it seems to work great!