Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I've seen it all now!

Thanks to Kyle for the tip off.
The 'Left Behind' series of books and related paraphanelia has been a festering sore on the body of Christ for many years. Now they've gone one further and released a video game. The plot in brief (cos it's not worth any more of my time) - Christians who have been 'left behind' after the rapture has taken place have to either convert others who are still on the earth or kill them! It was difficult for me to type that last sentence as it's SO RIDICULOUS.
Anyway, read a great rant about it here.
Should you be so inclined visit the official site here.


Mark Berry said...


Coops said...

I thought the movies were good... they really brought to life the reality of how short this life is and how we must live every day for God.

The video game though... thats out right commercialism that makes fun of God's prophesies. I agree: its stupid.

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

Freedom of choice is a double edged sword i suppose - am not even sure what i can say about the tragedy of this bloody stuff. am grateful there is a wideness in gods mercy i do not find in my own!

richard said...

Matt, you can download the demo. We need to do this!