Thursday, September 13, 2007

iPhone about to get UK release?

It seems that the long awaited and much hyped iPhone is about to get a UK release - are reporting that there is a special press conference scheduled at the London Apple store next Tuesday and the speculation is that it will be to announce the launch.

I am waiting to see what the price will be and which network it will be on. My Blackberry is now due for a new contract but I'll wait to see if the iPhone is affordable before deciding what to do. If it comes in at a reasonable price I might be tempted as my iPod is still one of the now very old (in technological terms) black and white ones - the iPod equivalent of a black and white telly I guess!

does enjoying new (apple) technology make me a hopeless consumerist sell-out, enslaved to the spirit of the age? anyone else planning to get one?


Graham Stacey said...

Hi Matt,

Of course, like you, I can come up with all kinds of rational justifications on the planned purchase of an iPhone. But also like you, at the back of my mind, I know I am just as lost as the next person.

My final justification is that it is likely to be a collective present from friends and family, [so technically out-of-my-hands]!

Missing the hOME expereince…

Matt said...

Hi Graham - good to hear from you - we miss you toO! I think i'm gonna go down the same route as you - it's the only way....a joint Christmas present from everyone I know! I really couldn't justify buying it out of our account! are you still around?