Monday, November 05, 2007

All Saints Day Service

Enjoyed our All Saints Day service yesterday even though it was a lot of preparation and many of our saints were unable to be there.

We are increasingly developing a rhythm of 'special services' which punctuate our liturgical year - this was our 5th special service of this cycle - 9 Lessons and Carols (last Advent), Ash Wednesday, Good Friday Stations of the Cross, Harvest and now All Saints.

Anyway - it was a good time - and made more fun by the fact that a load of people who had been to the Climate Change camp (near Heathrow's proposed site for the new Terminal) were just back from their protest and were using the Community Centre, where we meet, as a base - so there was a constant stream of people coming into the hall to use the loos which meant there was a bit of a queue and therefore people were standing and watching everything we were doing. A couple even got involved in the service and stayed for communion at the end!

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