Thursday, August 07, 2008

everything is spiritual

Really enjoyed watching Rob Bell's 'Everything is Spiritual' DVD with a bunch of the guys from Home last night.
This is the DVD of his one man show which he performed across the States in 'secular' venues last year - just him on stage and a huge whiteboard on which he scribbles and doodles as he talks for about 1 hour 20 mins.
RB is a really great communicator - very listenable to. And I thought this was an interesting approach. He spent a lot of time talking about cosmology and the physicality of the he was majoring on natural revelation rather than special revelation (see Romans 1).
I also heard him talk about the contemplative path - although he never used this word. For him, spirituality is all about being awake and alive to the wonder that is staring us in the face but which we are all too often too blind to see.
Spirituality is about presence and sin (he didn't use this word either) therefore is about blindness to the wonder.

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