Wednesday, October 20, 2004

i always said i wouldn't blog!

well, actually i never said that. this is the second one i've started though. i recently re-read my first one - which i haven't posted to for a year and a half - and i just thought it was too embarassing to continue with. then i thought i couldn't possibly start another one as, well, everyone's doing it now and i don't want to just jump on the bandwagon. but that's just pride i guess. ain't that funny though - it's not exactly an act of humility to publish oneself - in a sort of self aggrandising, self-pimping way - on the web! but anyway, i'm not expecting many visitors and it's a way to help me to extrovert-process my world. of course, it'll be selective, possibly pretentious and often self-important. there will no doubt be times when I cringe as I read what i've written - just like i did just now reading my old blog. but there we are.
a line or two of introduction. i am one of the leaders of a new (1 year old) missional faith community in the city of Oxford, UK, called 'home'. you can read more about us at our site. i should say at this point that any of the views expressed here are not necessarily the views of the community as a whole! there's the disclaimer out of the way! we have been taken in (double entendre intended) by the Church of England and St Aldates Church have carved out some space - financially, physically and ecclesiologically - for us to explore life and mission in the culture we find ourselves a part of. I will no doubt say more about all of this in due course.
I am married to Pippa. we don't have any kids or any pets yet but we think the latter might come along next year. we can hear the pitter patter of a puppy's feet. we also have a bit of river at the bottom of our garden and when we moved in (in May this year) someone gave us a couple of boats (canoes) to play with. we've only fallen in once.

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