Saturday, October 30, 2004

sometimes being a trainspotter pays off

as some of you will know, I have a rather embarassing secret. i am a huge fan of Inspector Morse (the best TV cop ever). There are probably some deep psychological reasons for this which I am not going to go into here and now but you are welcome to speculate on what they might be. I have read all the novels by Colin Dexter (I think) and seen 32 out of 33 TV episodes (the fact that there is an episode of Morse that I have never seen gives me more pleasure than you'll ever know - I have it on DVD but I have refused to watch it yet because it will be the last ever time I watch a Morse for the first time!!). I have just bought the Inspector Morse board game on ebay. I even have a model of the car. I am a sad man.
It's great when your partner understands your idiosyncracies. Pip will often sit down and watch a Morse with me and I think that secretly I have perhaps turned her into a bit of a fan too.
About a week ago she told me that she had a surprise for me on Friday 29th October and that I had to keep it free in my diary. Last night we got in the car and I had no idea where we were going. We ended up driving up to Westminster College (on Harcourt Hill, North Hinksey) which happens to be my old college. I thought perhaps we were going to some sort of college reunion but when we arrived there I saw the sign : 'An Evening With Colin Dexter'! Brilliant. Most of you lot would probably have preferred to watch paint dry but I absolutely loved it.
AND...we entered the raffle and won first prize! So this year on our wedding anniversary in December we will be travelling all the way to the Randolph Hotel in Oxford for a night there which we wouldn't have won if I hadn't been such an anorak.

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Simon said...

I love your little secret, we share your passion for Morse but perhaps to not quite the same extreme, bring the board game on Wednesday! Good to see you blogging, although you obviously have too much time on your hands as you're posting daily. See you Weds, Simon