Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Band Aid II

apparently the song's crap (Rich Body) but we should buy it anyway (Rich Johnson). I haven't heard it yet so can't comment. I do know that they are broadcasting the new video on Thursday evening this week (6.05pm) similtaneously on all 5 major channels (is Channel 5 a major channel?)


RAD said...

It's Band Aid 3 (or 20 as they call it)

Band Aid 2 DID exist despite the best efforts of the media to airbrush it out of existence. And it was the best one of all of them (well, I would say that as I was 9 at the time and loved all the artists on it. Except perhaps the Pasadenas and Big Fun who I was indifferent to)

Anonymous said...

it is actually growing on me...there is such a good hooky piano bit at the beginning...chris martin and robbie williams are awesome on it...and justin from the darkness does a great job...as for dizzee rascal, i think it really is a good addition...

the glass is always half full