Friday, December 10, 2004

lest we forget

It's my day off. i'm sitting on the sofa enjoying the benefits of wi-fi. Lemon Jelly are on the stereo. and i've got a bottle of Black Sheep Ale (a really fine real ale) on the go. there's a roast dinner in the oven consisting of organic chicken, locally grown roast vegetables, and herbs from the garden. a bottle of nice red wine is being left to breath. sometimes you've just got to stop for a moment, give thanks, and think of how good life can be.

mmmm nice

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Rich said...

Sounds nice. I'm here with my laptop, a glass of fine red that someone gave us for doing something for them - can't remember who or what. I'm preparing my sermon on Isaiah 9 for Sunday morning and wondering how to communicate the powerful message that the King coming to earth was and is. Athlete are playing in the background and good friends arrive late tonight for a weekend of more fine wine, talk, fun and food. Life is GOOOOOD...