Monday, December 06, 2004


while i was in London I finally managed to fit in a visit to the Tate Modern. it's HUGE! there was some interesting stuff going on but for me the whole experience was the thing. it's like the Tate building is a Tate experience which is itself the artwork. don't know what that means exactly but it sounds good.



Anonymous said...

Have you been to the National Library? Absolutely brilliant building! Buildings can definately be art in their own right. It is fantastic.

richard said...

The Tate is an amazing building. And the weather project there this year was nothing more than astonishing. It was the sort of art I dig, art that forces you to engage with it. The Tate by itself is like that. Another building is the British Museum and its great court and reading room.

Plus it's free.

Rich said...

Aye, the truth about the Tate Modern is that the building is a more impressive piece of art than 90% of the contents. Not that they're rubbish, more that the building is breath-taking. I live 10 minutes away and it never fails to astonish me.