Tuesday, May 02, 2006

San Francisco update

I'm going to blog about the last week which we've spent in Seattle - which was great - in the next post but just wanted to do a quick update on where we're at now.
We flew into San Francisco this lunch-time and headed downtown to find our hotel. Having found it you can only imagine my joy when I discovered that it was literally spitting distance from the main Apple store in town (Market Street) - the mother ship - or as Karen called it last night - The Vatican (see picture). I write this entry from there. So if any of you emerging church mac addict types are planning to visit San Francisco may I recommend our hotel : The Mosser - a funky little boutique hotel that even has a built in recording studio for some reason.
So - thanks to Karen (our fantastic introductions agent!) - we are hoping to hook up with Mark Scandrette (dinner at his place tomorrow night) and Bob Carlton while we're in town. It's great to be part of the global emerging church family - friends in every town!
Anyway, when I get a chance I'll blog Seattle.


gareth said...

hey matt,
sounds like you are having a great time... say hello to mark and bob - they are two very cool dudes.

gareth said...

just realised by having a look through your flickr photos that you have an old friend of mine from LBC (tino) attending home... say hello to him from me when see you see him next...

aurora said...

it was great meeting you two and hearing about your experiences. i hope things go well and you can buy the cinema-that sounds like a fantastic opportunity. please come back and visit soon.