Monday, April 16, 2007

easter catch up

It was a good easter at hOME although I am still slightly bemused by the fact that easter seems to have ceased to be the time when we celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ in Christian community and instead has become a time to go away and visit family (definitely not a bad thing to do but where has this idea come from?!) because after all it's a bank holiday weekend. Consequently our Easter Sunday service is normally one of our lowest attended services instead of our highest attended one!

That said there were some special moments. Our Good Friday Stations of the Cross installation/eucharist was memorable. Really good to get people from beyond the hOME community involved and to have some 'special guests'.

On Holy Saturday we had our second annual Service of Vows at Dorchester Abbey with Bishop Colin Fletcher. We all renewed our baptismal vows and then some people who made 'monastic' vows a year ago were ending their time in Chapter, some - like myself- were renewing vows for the year to come, and some were making vows for the first time. Here's a pic of this year's Chapter -

On Easter Sunday we had our regular small gathering for breakfast at our house with a simple eucharist.

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