Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another year, another Greenbelt

Back from another Greenbelt and straight into the throes of moving house.
I really love Greenbelt - it feels like the annual gathering of my tribe, or the annual pilgrimage up to the Temple....choose a metaphor that works for you. Anyway, great to catch up with people, drink a lot of tea and beer (depending on the time of day - photo of the pub sign for the organic beer tent on the left), hear some great talks, listen to some great music, and participate in some great worship. Highlights:
talks: John 'O Donahue
music: Coldcut, Andy Yorke and Duke Special
worship: our friends from the mayBe community did a cracking 'beautiful day' eucharist
What about you (if you were there) - what did you enjoy this year?

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Matt Page said...

My highlight was actually that for once we got to get a campsite large enough for all those from our church to stay together. Conversely the downside was that I had hardly any random meetings, despite being on the lookout for various people (including you FWIW). I think being a baby sitter is to blame for that one. I mainly just did the talks and enjoyed Nigel Varndell, Dave Tomlinson and Morna Hooker (although the latter left me wanting more), and, as ever John Smith. It was good to hear Mark Yaconelli as well. Not quite as funny as his Dad, but the same, much needed message.

Maybe we'll bump into each other next year?