Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Joke from the West Wing

It's impossible to say how much I am enjoying the West Wing. It is surely one of the best programmes ever to grace our TV sets. We went right back to the beginning (having missed it when it was on TV) and begged, borrowed and stole (ok, not the last one) the DVD box sets. We are now approaching the end of Season 5.

One of the many reasons I love it is the humour. It can be genuinely hilarious at times. This may not be the best example of that but here's a joke from President Bartlett from the episode we watched last night:

A pessimist and an optimist are talking to each other.
"Everything's terrible. It couldn't get any worse", says the Pessimist.
"Yes it can" says the Optimist.
Well, I thought it was funny anyway. Although it was taken from a speech of his that bombed so perhaps I'm in the minority there.

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