Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday

So yesterday was Super Tuesday. I was and am fascinated by the whole thing and I woke up this morning wondering what had happened overnight.
I guess I feel a little disappointed that it wasn't the decisive day that many people thought it would be. Obama and Hillary are neck and neck - like they were before. McCain is emerging as the frontrunner - like he was before.
One question I do have though is this....a lot of people I know are really turned on (in a political sense!) by Obama, but as far as I can tell there isn't much to choose between his and Hillary's policies. So, let me ask you this - particularly my American readers - why Obama and not Hillary? Is it to do with Bill?


Neill said...

Hello there Matt,

I don't know if you remember me from your stay in Sheffield, but let me be the first American to comment.

I am not much for the Democrates generally but would be much happier with an Obama Whitehouse than a Hilary one. In short she just freaks me out. One minute she is all homely and warm talking on the Rosie O'Donald show and then she is in Commander 'n Chief mode trying to be tough. I just don't think she can pull it off like Maggie could.

Sadly I think that McCain is too old. The job could kill him! I am reserving judgement until I hear who is running-mate is as I think that will be a big deal for a President of his age.

So my Ohio swing vote is likely to go to McCain but an Obama Presidency I could live with.


Matt said...

Hi Neil - yes I remember you. Are you still in Sheffield? It's a rare thing for people to stay in one place for that long these days! well done!

Hear what you're saying - but isn't Obama all style and no substance?

just asking!

hikerrev said...

From my perspective, Hillary is simply another iteration of the same politicians we've seen in power over here for decades. While she's not as old as McCain, she certainly couldn't be considered young. And while she hasn't been in office as long as Obama (if you count his time in the Illinois state legislature), she's participated in the political machine for quite a long time by proxy.

In short, Obama is viewed over here as a younger candidate who is not as entrenched in a system that many people are dissatisfied with and disenfranchised by, and who communicates hope for change.

Yes, Obama's and Clinton's policies are almost indistinguishable from one another. Yes, most people recognize that if he is elected, it might well be the same-old same-old. Or he might end up being another Jimmy Carter ~ great candidate who doesn't work out at all as president. But what seems to be exciting for folks is the hope ~ which we haven't had among the general populace for a long time.

Not very articulate, but that's my perspective.

~ matthew

Matt said...

Hi Matthew - I hear you and it feels like you've hit the nail on the head to me.
So it isn't about policy so much as it's about the system - Hillary is establishment and Obama isn't.
In other words it's not just about what you say (or what you're policies are), it's about where you say it from..where you stand while you say it.

Or something like that.

I can see why it feels like Obama might be saying very similar things to Hillary but they come with a very different feel.

I also have a concern that Hillary would over-compensate for being the first female president by being overly tough and aggressive, just in case people accuse her, for example, of taking a liberal line on the war on terror because she's a woman.