Friday, May 30, 2008

new Home website

Home has a new website.

I think there's always a process that happens with a website where - unless it's a really dynamic, totally editable one - a gap opens up over time between what your website says about you and the reality on the ground. When that gap becomes a bit of a chasm you know it's time to change it.

So I built this one (using iWeb) which means the whole thing is totally editable by us. And it's a lot more reflective of where we're at now (rather than where we were at 3 years ago like the old one!).

If you're interested, check it out here.


Mark Porter said...

I like some of the style. It's not really a good idea to put paragraph text as images though - bad for loading, accessibility, usability etc. etc.

Matt said...

yes but if you are using a font that people are unlikely to have on their computer the only option is to save the text as an image. no?

Ben said...

love the logo/icon you use on this post.

Matt Page said...

Nice. Some great images & good words too! I should really come visit sometime to get some inspiration.