Thursday, June 26, 2008

thoughts on florida

So it seems that Florida is the new Toronto. I am not really in the loop on these sorts of things these days so I have only heard about it relatively recently.
I am trying to be respectful and adopt a 'Gamaliel' stance on it i.e. if it is God then nothing will stand in the way of it...if it isn't it will come to nothing. Others think we have a responsibility to form an opinion and make a judgement. (I enjoyed reading Mark Berry's thoughts here).

The one thought of my own I do have though comes from thinking about the Florida thing (that's what I want to call it if you don't mind) in relation to the ministry of Christ in the gospels.

It seems to me that the whole of Christ's ministry was predicated upon the idea that you didn't need to go to the temple in Jerusalem to encounter God. Christ was himself the new temple and in fact the kingdom of God is around you, close at hand, within you in fact. This idea got him in to a lot of trouble as we know.

So I'm left scratching my head as to why we should therefore be jumping on the first plane to Florida because there is 'more of God' over there (I know I'm caricaturing the mentality but I think it breaks down to something like this). Isn't this the kind of idea that the Christ spent the whole of his ministry deconstructing?

Woops - did I just go and get an opinion?! have you got one you'd care to share dear reader?

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