Friday, September 19, 2008

my week beats your year

I'm enjoying the new 'Genius' function on the new version of iTunes.

If you haven't got it yet this is what it is: you select a song and ask iTunes to create a playlist for you of similar songs from your iTunes library. You can also see recommendations of similar artists iTunes has for you from its Store (so obviously they are onto a good thing here too).

iTunes gradually 'learns' your likes and dislikes over time and streamlines its selections based on your choices.

Anyway - already this week (through Genius) I have discovered a top new band that I had never heard of before - Telefon Tel Aviv. Not - as you might think - an Israeli electronica outfit (shame really) but a duo from New Orleans. It's really beautiful electronica....lush textures and lots of broken beats etc. - for me there are similarities with Mylo (but less obviously pop-y/commercial) and The Album Leaf. If that's the sort of thing you like then check them out at the iTunes store here. ('my week beats your year' is the title of a track from their album 'map of what is effortless').

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