Tuesday, June 28, 2005

catch up blog

can't believe it's over a week since my last blog post - i thought i had ceased to be a bad blogger and had turned into a good blogger - taking plenty of virtual fibre to keep my blogging regular. but no! so...here's a catch up blog on what i've been up to over the last week. there really isn't that much to report:
i did find out that i have been paying too much tax for the last two years (!!!) so went to see my newly appointed tax adviser (probably appointed 2 years too late some might say!) on Thursday and did tax returns and the like and she told me to expect a rebate which will be nice.

went to the Bishop's house on Thursday evening for his annual clergy garden party type thing. very nice and pleasant in the kind of way you would imagine it to be when lots of C of E clergy drink pimms on the lawn.

Pip and i went up to N Wales on Friday for my Nan/grandmother's 90th birthday celebration tea. she's losing it, bless her...said to us "I can't believe I'm 80" to which we replied "you're not 80 you're 90". i guess that happens...i can't always remember how old i am these days but i normally manage to guess within 10 years.

came back on Saturday and went to an awesome party with some friends - Alan, Di, Jim, Beckie and Jon - on Saturday night. it was the relaunch party for our local pub, The Fishes. this kind of thing can often be a case of "here's your voucher entitling you to ONE free glass of nasty wine and a tesco-value hotdog" BUT NO! this party had people walking round with trays of glasses of champagne, trays of oysters, buckets of ice cold Corona, strawberries coated in frozen chocolate, an amazing buffet/BBQ with seared tuna, steak, chicken skewers etc. ALL FOR FREE! Probably the best free party i've been to. so, that's The Fishes in North Hinksey, Oxford, ladies and gentlemen (they deserve a plug after that).

Sunday: AM went to the priesting ordination of one of my colleagues at St Aldates - Helen Azer, who's the Curate here. was asked to be the Rector's representative in his absence so that meant robing and processing, laying hands (with the Bish and other clergy) on those being priested, and assisting with the administration of communion.

Monday: went down to London for a blather with some people thinking about how we can resource each other as we explore the creating of new forms of church. something quite good might come out of the discussion but i'm not at liberty to say what or with who at this point. watch this space.

catch up complete.

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