Friday, June 03, 2005

messin about on the river

messin about on the river
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this afternoon, friday's generally being my days off, Steve (our Deacon) and i went on an adventure down the river. most of you will know that we are lucky enough to have the river at the bottom of our garden. and someone was kind enough to let us have a couple of boats (a one-man kyak and a 3/4 person canadian canoe). one of the best things to do is to go to the pub in North Hinksey in the boat - land it at the pub garden and go in for a pint. this afternoon Steve and i attempted the never-before-attempted full circuit. from our house (circled in red on above map) we head South and then fork right to N Hinksey village (pub closed for refurb at the moment - shame). then head North again, pass under main (Botley) Road, then take the East fork and then head South again to bring us back home. (you might need to click on the map for a larger version if you are really interested in seeing our route)
it was a great trip. we stopped about three quarters of the way for some refreshments (my fab wife had even made me a packed lunch!!). it did start chucking it down with rain on the last stretch but that just added to the illusion of being frontier, intrepid explorers.

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