Sunday, June 12, 2005

dreams plans visions

great exhibition on at Modern Art Oxford at the moment that Pip and I went to yesterday. they've invited all kinds of people, artists, and groups to contribute their vision for the Oxford of the future. I like the way they've focused on a date in the not too distant future - 2015 - which is far enough away to allow the imagination room to explore but near enough to anchor it all in a sense of what could actually be possible. we saw some great stuff - interviews with local people, a giant panoramic photo of a 'solar powered Oxford', a video about the future Oxford mono-rail, artists sketches of what the centre of the city could look like in the future etc. if you're in the Oxford area and particularly if you have a passion for the city like I do then i highly recommend you go along. it's only on for 10 days (till June 19th) and more details can be found here.

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