Monday, July 11, 2005

Holiday in St Ives, Cornwall

just back from a great week in St Ives, Cornwall, one of our favourite places, the place where we got engaged. if you're down in Cornwall this summer and you haven't been to St Ives before i encourage you to go - i think it's got a bit of everything: a great beach, some fantastic restaurants, the Tate gallery plus lots of other little galleries (there are apparently 500 working artists on the St Ives peninsular).
we stayed in a great little fishermans cottage (he didn't seem to mind) right in the heart of St Ives with the beach at one end of the cobbled street and The Sloop Inn at the other.
the weather wasn't great but at least it didn't really rain so we could still do stuff. it's very hard to resist the temptation to think that the whole world's against you when a heat wave starts the day you are leaving though! we did get our wet suits on and get into the sea a few times anyway.
It was Pip's birthday on Friday so after going out for dinner we drank champagne on the beach watching the sunset (everyone say 'ahhh'..) and then we decided the perfect end to the day would be a swim in the sea (funny how you get ideas like that after a bottle of champagne), so even though it was 10pm we went for it anyway.
we definitely didn't want to come back! we stopped off at Perranporth on the way back for one last sea-swim and saw a shoal of mackerel really close to where we were swimming.
anyway, now we are back in landlocked Oxford - pretty much as far as you can get from the sea in any direction. still, it's home.

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