Friday, July 01, 2005

Podcasting - the next big thing

Now that the latest version of iTunes - 4.9 i think it is - includes a podcast facility i think podcasting is gonna go ballistic. i have experimented a bit with programmes like iPodder but it's a bit of a pain in the butt. having podcasting integrated into iTunes is gonna be the thing that sparks it off big time i think. i, like Jonny, have subscribed to Mark Kermode's film reviews from Radio 5, and also i'm trying out Tim Bednar's podcast, and one from an emerging church in Minneapolis called 'Bluer', and one called the Leadership podcast. these, i think, are all available from within iTunes via the Music store (look for the new podcast section). there's bound to be a lot of rubbish so i think it's a case of trying some stuff out and seeing what's hot and what's not. anyone found any really good ones


Mark Porter said...

You should try persuading aldates to start podcasting their sermons

Chris said...

seriously....such good stuff...check out the latest one at least!