Friday, July 01, 2005

line spacing on my blog

for some bizarre reason Blogger has recently decided to condense the line spacing on my blog. it used to be spaced like the text in my profile on the left hand side of the blog but now it is squashed. i don't like it. does anyone know why it does that and how i could fix it?


Naomi said...

dunno about your line spacing... but on all the computers I use your posts now appear under your sidebar...

thanks for all your comments and encouragements Matt... sun is still shining in Deal!

Matt said...

that's wierd - looks fine on mine!

Andy_ said...

Hey Matt,

Try adding this to the css bit of your template:

.post-body p {

(looking at the page, the css bit appears at the top of your template, about line 120) - I think!

Sorry for being geeky, but hopefully that should fix it!