Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cutting Edge Retreat

hOME is partly funded by a Diocesan group called 'Cutting Edge Ministries' which has been set up to fund new missional communities in the Diocese of Oxford. i am away for a 24 hour retreat with them and we have some input from people like Stuart Murray-Williams, Mike Moynagh and Pete Ward.
i think when i come on these things i am always looking for a good balance between the conceptual, the spiritual, and the experiential (i.e. connecting with what's actually happening on the ground). i think this retreat (we are just about to start the last session) has had a pretty good balance to it. this morning Pete led a helpful session where we started from our experience of what's happening (which we uncovered by using imaginative journey + the nuts and bolts of how we spent our week last week, what our focus was in the first week we started our 'project' (not a word I like), and also choosing and telling a story from the last two years) and then looking for theological motifs and scriptural texts that illuminate what's actually happening.
as well as that we have had some nice reflective worship, including some body prayer and the use of a Japanese drum last night.

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