Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Rant: I hate insurance companies

Last night Pip and I went for what we thought would be a quiet drink in a village pub a few miles from where we live. we parked our car in the car park (as you do) but someone driving a 4x4 reversed into it on their way out of the car park. they didn't stop but instead drove off. we knew nothing of this as we were still inside the pub. Someone who was in the car park at the time came into the pub and asked for the owner of the car. It may not look like much damage but we can't close the door properly and these kinds of bodywork jobs are always pricy.
I called the Police. we were told to go and report it at the Police station. which we did. took till about 12.45am. I didn't do this because i was particularly bothered about them catching the guy (we only had a partial reg number for the car so i knew it was unlikely) but to cover us for when i called the insurance company. I needn't have bothered.
Apparently even though it wasn't our fault, and even though we have a witness, and even though we have reported it to the Police, we are still going to have to pay for the damage one way or another - either directly by paying for the repairs or indirectly by claiming and then losing our no claims bonus. Insurance companies are such a rip off. You pay them hundreds of pounds a year and for what? We have fully comprehensive cover. that is a very misleading phrase. they make sure that whatever happens it's you that's going to be out of pocket, not them. I have no idea why i bother having insurance at all (I know, I know, it's a legal requirement etc etc.) All i know is that this morning we are seriously out of pocket for a car accident that isn't our fault even though we have fully comprehensive cover. that ain't right.

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Thomas said...

Hi matt i have tried to email you but didnt get any response. Next week im leading af trip of 15 youth leaders to UK and we would like to come by HOME and hear about your work...So would anyone be able to meet us Mondyay afternoon and talk to us my email is itwiller@mail.dk