Tuesday, October 11, 2005

hOME now podcasting

we are now podcasting the talks from hOME. you will find us in the iTunes podcast directory under podcasts/religion & spirituality/christianity and then under the h's. we are about 7 places above HTB, but it's not a league table.
you can also get the audio direct from our web site (and the RSS feed is there too), but as i'm compressing the files they are not playable in Windows Media Player at the moment - some might see that as discrimination in favour of Mac users, but even Windows users can use iTunes these days so it shouldn't be a problem.
the podcasts may seem a little 'old church' at the moment - they are all of me talking, and the talks are a little on the lengthy side. but that's because we are in a new season of the life of the church and are doing some re-envisioning. it won't always be me on the podcast, I promise.

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