Monday, November 28, 2005


A dozen of us from hOME went down to Devon for a couple of nights this last weekend. 5 of the crazy fools even went surfing in the Atlantic. I was not one of them. They tried to convince me that a winter wet suit would see me right but I wasn't buying it. I mean, there was snow on the ground for crying out loud. Anyway, a good time was had by all and we got back in time to celebrate Advent Sunday last night (see next post).


richard said...

There appears to be at least two things missing here:
1: Jules' right hand side
2: waves to surf.

Chris said...

Matt actually did Jules a favour...y'see, she had an itty-bitty body board rather than a full sized surf board, but you can't tell due to the cropping. What a nice guy! ;)

As for the waves, well...yeah you pretty much got that right.

Suzie said...

What is it about surfboards and wetsuits that makes people want to put their hands on their hips (cf. Juliet & Martin)?

Is it maybe pre-emptively pugnacious: yep, I'm wearing a skin-tight suit, what ya gotta say 'bout it?