Thursday, November 03, 2005

Jamie Oliver in Italy

anyone see this last night? Jamie Oliver was visiting a monastery as part of his tour of Italy (apparently they had a legendary herb garden). there were some great lines: "I don't even know what religion I am. I think I might be Church of England." and "food is my religion, and the dinner table is my altar". He offered to say grace before meal and got it slightly wrong in an amusing way: "for what we are about to receive may God be truly thankful".
But seriously, it was fascinating to see these decrepid old monks - who had been eating tinned vegetables and the like, much to Jamie's displeasure - come alive with some good cooking. Jamie did a BBQ outside and got them all involved with the cooking - he wanted them to share in the experience of preparing the food and to have a laugh as they did so - and then even had them dancing a little bit to The Cure that he had playing from the stereo of his VW Camper Van.
In a funny sort of way he was a bit like the way I imagine Jesus would have been.


Kyle said...

Man, that one could be my motto...!

Simon said...

We watched it last night on video (recordable DVD actually...) it was fantastic all 4 of us were roaring out loud with laughter at times, and I agree totally with your thoughts they were similar to my own at the time - although I think he might have intended the grace to be that way round...see you soon,


P.S. I still read blogs, just don't write one anymore although I may come out of retirement soon.

kim said...

i know it's a bit late, but i was just searching that number from the cure he was playing in his camper van.. does anyone know the name of it?