Friday, January 04, 2008

Heads up Sigur Ros fans

some good telly on tonight....

Peter Owen Jones' 'Extreme Pilgrim' is on BBC2 at 9pm. Sounds really intriguing (and I've really enjoyed his books ('Bed of Nails' should be required reading for anyone going to theological college, and 'Small Boat, Big Sea' was his journal of his curacy which was great as well). Here's the blurb from the BBC site:

Peter Owen Jones has been a vicar in the Church of England for 14 years. He has three parishes in the beautiful Sussex Downs, and is happy with his rural ministry. But Peter feels that spirituality - a closeness to God - is almost absent from religious life in the UK. In a series of three tough, physical journeys to the extremes of world religions he seeks to discover and experience spiritual enlightenment for himself.

And for all the Sigur Ros fans out there there is a Culture Show special, again on BBC2, at 11.35pm

enjoy, telly fans!!
(or watch again on the iPlayer if you're reading this tomorrow)

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