Monday, January 07, 2008

John O Donahue

Sad to hear last night of the sudden passing away of John O Donahue - Irish priest, author, theologian, poet and mystic. Loved listening to him at Greenbelt just a few months ago - so full of life and energy and wisdom.
I felt I was only just 'discovering' him and was looking forward to hearing him speak some more. He was a strong contender for inclusion in my own private Jedi council, and perhaps will still make it in. Funny...just the other day I was standing in Blackwells flicking through a book of his poems.
Thankyou God for the life of your servant John, he will be missed.

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Kirk said...

Yes, so was I. He brought a richness of mystery back to the forefront of my thinking about faith...I have most of his titles. I prefer listening to him vs. reading...for the added dimension of his Irish accent enlivened the material for me. Are you familiar with David Whyte?