Wednesday, April 27, 2005

a first foray into film making

a little while ago i blogged about how i made a film (using iMovie and iDVD) for a service we were doing on the theme of 'submission'. i took a track from the latest u2 album and played with some images to suggest that perhaps we could imagine Bono's words as being the words that God might say to humanity (rather than the words that Bono might say to his Dad). this film is now available to be viewed on-line here.
this is my first foray into film-making and i am keenly aware of my limitations. it's a pretty basic idea and a pretty basic short film, but some people asked to see it so i thought it was perhaps worth putting into the public arena anyway.
see what you think.


Peter O said...

Comes up as "Can't be found"

Matt said... fine when i try...have you got a firewall or a limit on bandwith or something?