Wednesday, April 27, 2005

it's fun to do ministry with your friends

Mark and I were in theological college and he is now a curate in Croydon, S London. he was the popular choice in our year for 'most likely to become a Bishop' due to his very large theological brain and his very large heart for God. he happened to be in Oxford last week visiting some friends and so i coaxed him to come along to our hOME worship night where he provided our homily (in other words he told some stories and talked with us about kneeling in the knee prints of Jesus and praying to the Father like Jesus did). although we (+ two others) meet quarterly to talk and pray (and invariably go for a curry and some beers) it's the first time since we left college that we have done any 'ministry' together. it's fun to do ministry with your friends.

Matt and Mark
Originally uploaded by Matt Rees.

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