Wednesday, April 27, 2005

letter writing hUB off to a flier

one of the most exciting things that's going on for me at the moment is the slow but sure development of our mission hUBS. these are our small units that are dedicated to being a blessing to the world, as opposed to our hUDDLEs which are our small groups dedicated to being a blessing to us! (as in they are focussed on nurture and pastoral care etc.). we really sense that our hUBS are where the action is. some are focussed on causes (campaigning etc.), some on compassion ('mercy' ministries), and some on culture (poetry slam, clubbing etc.). it's all mission. see our web site to see how it all fits together.
last night the new letter-writing/campaigning hUB met for the first time. we wrote a bunch of letters to the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer on the subject of Trade Justice. and we listened to Coldplay (seemed appropriate) and drank tea and ate biscuits. our letters are of course, only a drop in the ocean but every little helps. It's much easier to write letters in a group than on your own - unless you have a hell of a lot more will power than me.
we also talked about what other things we would like to campaign about. we want to get a good mixture of local and global campaigning. i am hoping that we can write to/meet the managers of local supermarkets to try to persuade them to use biodegradeable carrier bags and to generally cut down on their packaging.
tonight i am going to pay frisbee with the Ultimate Frisbee hUB.

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