Sunday, September 04, 2005

Blog-geek question

here's one for the blog-geeks out there...i am thinking about switching from Blogger to Typepad and i am wondering whether it is worth the money. one reason is that i have started using ecto for composing blog posts and while it's a great programme it doesn't support image uploading to blogger (but it does to typepad). in these days of feed aggregators don't most people read blogs without visiting the actual blogs anyway? that would suggest to me that there is little to be gained by upgrading. does anyone have any thoughts on this?


anil said...

I work for Six Apart, which makes TypePad, but some of the other many reasons most people who switch to TypePad enjoy it so much is because it also lets you group your posts into categories, lets you get TrackBacks and statistics from people who link to you, and lets you do more advanced things like posting from your mobile phone, creating photo albums, or even podcasting. Even if your readers are reading your site in a feed reader (which most estimates place at less than 10% of all weblog readers) they would still want to see the images on your blog, I think.

graham old said...

I wouldn't dream of paying for Typepad when you can get Wordpress for free.

Tris Hussey said...

Making the jump from free to paid isn't an easy one. I like Typepad and Blogware (disclosure, my blog is sponsored by Blogware). Wordpress is starting a hosted service, but I don't think it's public yet, or what the pricing model is going to be.

You do get a lot more "real" blog features on the hosted services (paid). Decide for yourself after looking at the features if it's worth the money for you.

For myself I made the switch because a friend became a reseller and I wanted to try it versus Bloggger. I was getting serious about my blogging and wanted better support, trackbacks, stats, etc.

Hope that helps.

graham old said...

There's already a couple of hosted Wordpress versions: (currently invite only, but that's apparently due to change.