Monday, September 12, 2005

well done England

i am chuffed to bits with the final result of the ashes series. what a summer it's been. i don't follow the county game too much but i enjoy the internationals. this summer has been extraordinary entertainment. i am truly sad that it is over, especially with legends like Warne and McGrath (not to mention Richie Benaud) making their final bow on English soil. it is an absolute travesty that the ECB have sold the TV rights to Sky - i thought the coverage by Channel 4, fronted by a dream team of commentators, was superb.
i guess my first love will always be football - Spurs in particular. but this summer will always be remembered as the year that the start of the football season was totally eclipsed by the wonderful, wonderful cricket that has been going on over the last 8 weeks.
well done England, but well done all involved - it's been special.

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richard said...

why the hell did i manage to book myself into a work trip away from england at the one time that there was great cricket going on? Moron.

well done you england people. i was kinda of picking it but never really believed it. but in about a week or so we will all have moved on and we will be talking about football. still, at least it had it's day in the sun. ok, gloom.