Monday, September 05, 2005

Discussion Day: The Holy Spirit in the Emerging Church

Jason Clark and I are hosting a discussion day on Saturday November 12th in St Albans.

As we have talked we have mused about why it is that being involved in emerging church/alt worship very often means being post-charismatic. We wondered why that was and whether the two inevitably went together and whether others had questions in this area.

we are wanting to create a space to look at issues around how to express a charismatic spirituality, whilst also being formed by other spiritualities (liturgical, contemplative etc.) and without buying into the UK-charismatic-sub-culture/scene (which seems to dominate the way that charismatic spirituality is expressed).

this will hopefully be a great opportunity to connect with others exploring the same issues. it will be a fairly unstructured day - no big name speakers! so, come ready to contribute and participate.

More info, and booking (it's free!) can be found via Jason's blog here.

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Richard Lyall said...

Have you read "Streams of Living Water" by Richard Foster? It's a search for a spirituality that feeds from all the great Christian traditions.

Worth checking out which is the website of his organisation.