Monday, September 19, 2005

Leaving St Aldates

Last night we officially said goodbye and so long to St Aldates church - the church that has been our mother church for the last two years.
It was a good service. they gave me an opportunity to talk for a while about how things had developed and how we got to this point. then they gave us some symbolic presents - a spade, an apple tree, and a rose bush - which were lovely and which tied in with the whole theme of moving on to continue this whole process of planting a new expression of Christian community in Oxford.
there was a good representation of hOME people there and they got us all up on stage and prayed for us etc.
then we all went to Pizza Express.
It felt important to have an opportunity to mark this important occasion in the development of our community, to have a good ending to that chapter as we enter into a new one.
we will always be thankful and grateful to St Aldates for giving us a start in life.

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Jason Clark said...

May God bless you in the next part of your journey as a community, and for wisdom, and faith. Jason.