Friday, February 18, 2005

the 2nd annual hOME weekend away

a load of us are heading off today to the Eton Dorney Centre near Windsor for the 2nd annual hOME weekend away which we did for the first time around this time last year. last year we had to cook for ourselves, this year we're going upmarket - a bit - and having our meals cooked for us! we're going to focus on how we do mission from a starting point of an understanding of the missio dei (the mission of God) which I'm going to give some input into tonight. we've also asked people to bring with them an object that represents for them a hope or dream for the future. should be a fun weekend.

Eton Dorney Centre
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Naomi said...

apparently the IOC committee visted Eton Dorney yesterday to check out the facilities (for rowing...) good to know things will have been brought up to scratch!

btw looks like we'll have lovely weather on the current evidence... !