Wednesday, February 02, 2005

brian mclaren - 'Time' and Larry King slots

you already know how much of an influence Brian Mclaren has been on me and we were really pleased he could come and visit hOME in December when he was over for the emergent conference. well, Time Mag (US) has just run a feature entitled 'The 25 Most Inflential Evangelicals in the USA' and Brian has made it in at No.17 (of course i knew all along that the list was alphabetical and certainly didn't need Rich to point this out to me in the comments - just messin with you all!). He has also just appeared on the Larry King show with a number of the others that appeared in the Time article and apparently Bri did us all proud.

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richard said...

you do know that list was alphabetical?

good to see he has been exposed to a wider audience!