Tuesday, February 22, 2005

COTA - Ordo CD

got my copy of the new Church of the Apostles CD this morning and have loaded it up onto iTunes and listening to it while i work (and blog!) this morning. so far i love it - it sounds really fresh when so much worship music these days sounds same-ey. and i am really impressed by the deep use of scripture in the songs. pretty much every line of the songs so far (I'm currently on track 7 of 13) is a direct quote from scripture. actually the words from track 7 come from Martin Luther! if it's true that songs shape our internal world far more quickly and perhaps effectively than the spoken word then having songs so steeped in scripture can only be a good thing. there is a remarkable resonance between what we are trying to build here in hOME, Oxford, and what's going on in Seattle with the Church of the Apostles, albeit with some differences in cultural expression (like our music is influenced more by club/chill out culture). i thank God for Karen and the Church of the Apostles and often find myself in conversation referring to them as being very close to us in their vision. And Karen, if you're reading this, I'm looking forward to hanging out this summer when you come over for Greenbelt. anyway, you can get the album here (and also listen to a couple of extracts). if you're purchasing from the UK then even with the shipping costs it's still remarkably cheap for a full length album thanks to the mighty pound! well worth it.

COTA - Ordo
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