Saturday, February 05, 2005

TNIV online

i've been waiting for this. the latest version of the NIV - the TNIV - is now available online. the NT has been available on a free download for a while. now they have released the OT as well. unfortunately it's only available at the moment as a PDF but they will soon launch a web version with 'go to' and 'search' facilities. i like the TNIV. i've persisted with the NRSV cos it's less sexist and apparently the most accurate of modern translations. but a lot of the time i find that it just doesn't read as well. so i've gone back to the NIV but i often find myself cringing at the preponderence of male-centric language (even when the original language doesn't require it). the TNIV deals with that - it's basically a non-sexist NIV.

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