Thursday, February 17, 2005

first online Lent Group session last night

Last night we had the first session of our online Lent Study Group at the Habbo Hotel. we were a little short on numbers - only 4 of us there - as some people couldn't make it but that may have been a blessing due to the rapidity of the conversation. anyway, it was a lot of fun. Chris showed up wearing a reindeer hat. jim looked surprisingly like his real life self. i was playing out a personal fantasy by giving myself big hair - an afro in fact. At least Naomi showed up as a girl and didn't completely reinvent herself! there was some waving and quite a lot of dancing. in fact as we drerw our discussion to a close we decided to all have one last dance together. as i sat looking at my computer screen i was cracking up! what a crazy world we live in. we expressed some frustrations with the book - Christina Baxter : 'The Wounds of Jesus' - but nevertheless managed to have some good conversation about corporate repentance and shouldering each others burdens. i think we need some furniture though. it's amazing how virtually uncomfortable you feel when you can't sit down in a virtual room!

habbo hotel
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