Sunday, August 14, 2005

a city boy in the country

ok - so i thought i had some dial up internet access in the cottage we are staying in on the Isle of Mull but this turned out to be false and so i am writing this quick update in a hotel on the Isle of Iona (cradle of xianity in the UK - where Columba set up base around AD 500) where we've just had lunch. today - Sunday - is the first sunny day we've had since we got to Scotland on Wednesday. I realised what a hardened city dweller i have become when i freaked out for the first few hours after we got on to Mull. i just thought 'this is just too remote and there is so little in the way of human culture, there's no internet, no teletext on the TV (yes there is a small TV in the cottage) and hardly any mobile phone reception' - i felt like i was in the back of beyond. so all of those romantic notions of doing an Andrew Jones and relocating to the middle of nowhere in some sort of monastic wanderlust have been blown right out of the water.
you'll be pleased to know that I seem to have acclimatised a little more now and am having a good time.
tomorrow we get the ferry back to Oban and then out again on Tuesday by ferry to the island of Coll and then on to Tiree on Wednesday.
don't expect any more blogging - we're going even more remote!

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Naomi said...

sounds wonderful - the freedom of simplicity;)