Thursday, August 04, 2005

control arms

the night before last i managed to squeeze in two hUBS in one night: our campaigning hUB and our poetry slam hUB that serves the Oxford performance poetry community, in particular 'Hammer and Tongue' which is one of the leading poetry slams in the country.
i really enjoyed both of them and i find it really stimulating to see such a diversity of mission going on.
the campaigning hUB focussed this time on the 'control arms' campaign which is being run jointly by Amnesty, Iansa, and Oxfam, to try and get an international treaty in place to control the sale of small arms to countries and regimes that have a poor record when it comes to human rights etc. apparently someone is killed by small arms (which include machine guns and all kinds of crap) every minute and small arms kill far more people than 'weapons of mass destruction' but are not subject to any kind of international regulation. so the campaign is to try and get an international treaty in place. the idea is that you take a photo of yourself (like the ones above) and upload them - they are trying to get a million photos which will make it the largest photo petition ever. you can get involved and add yours here.

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